​While opportunities present themselves to expand into other states, our focus is on Florida's consumers.  It's important to have a personal connection with your insurance agent.  That's why we have been committed to building an accessible and friendly agency; your neighborhood agency. The agency where you can rest assured that industry leading professionals have your best interests at heart. 

We’re committed to remaining agile, innovative, and relevant as we assist our client partners through their insurance journey.

-Brandy L. Adams, Vice President

Individual Solutions

Trying to maximize your insurance budget can be difficult and confusing.  We provide you with a complimentary insurance portfolio review using our proven method to help you make the best decisions for every stage of life.  

Our History

Our Goal

Our core mission is to serve our community by providing expert insurance services. We achieve this by adhering to fundamental principles that inspire us daily.  

Employee Benefits

Running a business is not easy. The employee benefit package you offer is one of your keys to success.  The Cumming Group evaluates, customizes and builds the perfect combination to attract and retain talent.  

​Our Strength

Bruce Cumming, circa 1988

Bruce Cumming circa 1988
HR Services

Finding, hiring and retaining dependable employees can be daunting. We work as a seamless extension of your Human Resource department and customize our services based on the level of support needed. 

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The Cumming Group was founded in 2006 by Jeanette Cumming and Brandy Adams. Created as the second generation of insurance agencies in the Cumming family, we still work side by side with Bruce Cumming.  Bruce founded the original family business in 1980 and worked tirelessly to lead his family out of poverty. Bruce's efforts put his agency at the top with multiple insurers, both locally and nationally.  

Brandy joined Bruce's agency 32 years ago and quickly became a female powerhouse in a male dominated industry.  With numerous "first female to accomplish" distinctions, Brandy showed insurers that women can be successful in this industry.  

Today, we are proud to be female-owned and operated. We thankfully pay homage to the values and work ethic instilled and inspired by Bruce over the past 42 years!