Receive 90% reimbursement on your pet’s veterinary

With a low deductible of $250, protecting your
pet’s health and your finances has never been easier!

​​To Us, Pets are Family

What is pet insurance? To put it simply, pet insurance is health insurance for your pet. For a monthly premium, your policy reimburses you for covered veterinary medical expenses due to illness, accidents, and injury treatments (plus you can add on coverage for routine veterinary care like teeth cleaning and vaccinations).

Nobody wants to imagine their pet getting sick or injured - when it comes to your pet's health, it's best to expect the unexpected.  We're excited to have partnered with an innovative leader in pet health insurance, Wishbone. This coverage is typically only available through large employers but we're able to provide you with direct enrollment through an exclusive arrangement.  ​

Unlike some other plans available, no annual commitment is required.  Pet insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that if and when something happens, you can focus on helping your pet get better instead of worrying about the financial impact of thousands of dollars of veterinary care.

Pet Insurance

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Policyholders Enjoy: 

  • Optional Routine Care Plans
  • Fast Claims Processing
  • Easy-to-Use Member Account
  • Short Waiting Periods
  • Lost Pet Recovery Service from ThePetTag
  • 24/7 Pet Telehealth from AskVet